These are the differences between Other, Another and Others -

These are the differences between Other, Another and Others

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Do you know the difference between other and another? A common mistake that Spanish speakers make when studying English is in the use of another, other, and others. There are quite a few who do not use another at all while translating “other” or “other” as other and others or others as others. If you are one of these people, keep reading this article in which we explain how you should correctly say another and others in English.

The words another and other mean the same thing , except that another is used with a singular noun and other is used with uncountable and plural nouns: Ella va al cine con otra amiga. She’s going to the cinema with another friendElla va al cine con otros amigos. She’s going to the cinema with other friends.

Otro/a = Another

Another is a contraction of an and other (literally: an other). When you want to say another or another in English, think that you have to literally say “uno otro” or “una otra”. For example:

  • I’m going to order another bottle of wine.

Voy a pedir otra botella de vino.

  • Give him/her another opportunity!

¡Dale otra oportunidad!

Therefore, Another is the singular adjective and goes before singular nouns, just like in Spanish.

  • She needs another book.

Ella necesita otro libro

  • I would like another pizza.

Quiero otra pizza.

  • They want to have another child.

Quieren tener otro hijo.

El otro / la otra  =  The other

The other is the plural adjective and goes before plural nouns:

  • I would like other trousers.

Quiero otros pantalones

  • She needs other books.

Ella necesita otros libros

  • My son doesn’t respect other children.

Mi hijo no respeta a los otros niños

Since another is a contraction of an and other, when you mean the other or the other, the another is not said – in the same way that the an invoice is not said. Then for the other or the other the an is lost and the other is said.

For example:

  • The other bar seemed quieter.

El otro bar parecía más tranquilo.

  • The other option is just not to do it.

La otra opción es simplemente no hacerlo.

Otros/as = Other

When others go before a noun, it works as an adjective. Adjectives in English ALWAYS have a singular form (eg different ideas – different ideas) so others or others in front of a noun are other.

For example:

  • In other companies, you would earn more.

En otras empresas, ganarías más.

  • The other teams aren’t as strong as ours.

Los otros equipos no son tan fuertes como el nuestro.

When there is no noun after others or others, it works as a pronoun. Actually, it replaces the noun. It is not an adjective because it does not describe anything; therefore, as in Spanish, it has a plural form.

For example:

  • There are others waiting too.

Hay otros esperando también.

  • The others didn’t want to watch that film.

Los otros (los demás) no querían ver esa película.


What we have explained above is the simple way to know how to correctly say another and others in English and it will work in the vast majority of cases. However, you have to be careful in some situations:

Singular nouns in Spanish but plural in English

There are nouns that are singular in Spanish but plural in English – la gente (the people); the police, therefore:

Otra gente     =  otras personasother people
Otra policía   (cuando se habla de más de una)other police

The “uncountable” nouns Example. information (information); advice – are treated as plural nouns. Uncountable nouns


Otra informaciónother information
Otro consejo  /  otros consejosother advice

Another is always used in front of a number even if others are used in Spanish. Another + number

For example:

Otros dos días another two days
Otras tres personas another three people

The difference between other and another and others





SingularAnother book (is)Another (is)
PluralOther books (are)Other (are)
SingularThe other book (is)The other (is)
PluralThe other books (are)The other (are)


ANOTHER =One more, an additional, extra

An alternative, different

OTHER =More in addition to the one already mentioned.

alternative, different

THE OTHER =A specific alternative, the rest of a specific group

Quick summary: What is the difference between another and other?

A simple rule to help you remember the difference between another and other is:

  1. Another + singular noun.
  2. Other + plural noun.
  3. Others (a pronoun to replace other + plural noun).
  • I need another cup (cup is singular so we use another).

Necesito otra taza (la taza es singular así que usamos otra).

  • I need other cups (cups are plural so we use other).

Necesito otras tazas (tazas es plural así que usamos otro).

  • I need others (refers to other cups).

Necesito a otros. (Se refiere a otras tazas).

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