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A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Foreign Families in Bilbao (Euskadi / Basque Country)

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Business Opportunities in the Basque Country

The Basque Country is establishing itself as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and foreign workers. With a focus on innovation and government support, this region of Spain offers not only a favorable business environment but also a rich cultural and linguistic experience.
Business Opportunities in the Basque Country: The government of Biscay is actively fostering entrepreneurship through various aids. For instance, up to €60,000 are offered to companies that contribute value to the Basque society, with additional incentives for hiring workers. There is a government investment fund that selects and directly finances companies with potential. These initiatives make the Basque Country a strategic location for starting or expanding businesses in Europe.
The Role of ExamenExam in the Linguistic Field: ExamenExam specializes in connecting entrepreneurs and workers with the local language offerings in the Basque Country. It focuses on Spanish and Basque courses, essential for integrating into the local culture. It is recommended to reach at least an A2 level in Basque for a deeper cultural immersion. ExamenExam offers preparation for official exams and online classes, facilitating learning from anywhere.
Importance of Spanish and Basque in the Business World: Spanish, being one of the most spoken languages in the world, is crucial in the business sphere. Basque, on the other hand, opens doors to a deeper understanding of the local culture and better relationships with the community.
Tips for Effectively Learning a Language: Total immersion in the language and culture is key to rapid and effective learning. Students are encouraged to be extroverted, practice constantly, and immerse themselves in media in the target language. ExamenExam offers resources through our blog elblogdeidiomas.es and strategies to reach advanced levels in a relatively short period, in addition to all the classes available online or in person, and the exam when you are ready. Much encouragement!
Education and Housing for Families in Bilbao: Key for Entrepreneurs and Workers
Education for Children: Entrepreneurship or working in the Basque Country brings with it the important decision about the education of children. Although public education in Spain is of quality and fully funded by the government, public schools in the Basque Country tend to use mainly Basque. Therefore, for non-native Basque-speaking families, an attractive option is the international schools in Bilbao. These offer programs in English and Spanish, better adapting to the needs of international families.
International Schools in Bilbao:
American School of Bilbao
  • Type: International, Private, PK-12 School
  • Foundation: 1967
  • Curriculum: International focus, English, American High School Diploma, and IB
  • Student Diversity: Students from various nationalities
  • Mission: English education for global citizens
  • Accreditations: CIS, NEASC, Cambridge International School (IGCSE)
  • Address: Soparda Bidea 10, 48640, Berango, Bizkaia, Spain
  • Phone: +34 94 668 08 60
  • Email: asob@asob.es
  • Website: www.asob.es
St. George’s British International School Bilbao
  • Type: Private British International School
  • Foundation: 1956
  • Education: Multilingual for students aged 2 to 18
  • Teaching Methods: Innovative methodologies with personalized attention
  • Curriculum: Internationally recognized English National Curriculum
  • Educational Approach: Broad and balanced curriculum beyond academics
  • Address: Artazagane 51 Leioa Vizcaya 48940 Spain
  • Phone: +34 94 4633692
  • Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
These institutions, ranging from nursery to secondary education, while representing an investment, are ideal for guaranteeing a quality education in priority languages such as English and Spanish.
Housing and Location: Regarding housing, the Basque Country, and particularly Bilbao, offer more affordable rentals compared to other tourist areas in Spain. Prices vary between €900 and €1,500, allowing families to find options that fit their needs and budget.
Tips for Choosing Housing: Prioritize location close to the children’s school to facilitate daily logistics. Take advantage of the availability of long-term housing, less affected by vacation rentals.
Building a Community: By choosing private international schools, families have the opportunity to build a network of contacts with other parents in similar situations. This networking is valuable both for social integration and for mutual support in a new environment
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