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8 benefits you can get from learning different languages

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In addition to the pleasure of communicating with people of other languages ​​different from yours, people from other countries, reading material on the internet or watching a film in its original language, it is proven that it has many advantages. Learning languages ​​can take you and your life to another level!

1. You will improve your brain functions, activate your brain

Although it cannot be observed with the naked eye, with second or several languages ​​in addition to the native language, all cognitive functions improve, including attention, perception, memory, intelligence, concentration, and language. Since more neural connections are generated that imply a better functioning of the brain in general. That extra brain energy will also help you make decisions faster.

2. Possibility of expanding your horizons, opening your mind

A new language helps you understand others and see the world through their eyes. You will know a new way of living, and you will learn new customs. You will have direct access to it. If you travel you can interact with the people of the place.

3. Flexibility in different aspects

Switching between languages ​​makes your brain more flexible and can prioritize more easily. Being bilingual or trilingual is not necessarily associated with greater intelligence, but it is associated with a better approach to mental challenges, it will be easier for you to accomplish several tasks at the same time. Well, your brain will get used to moving from one language to another, if necessary, and it will do so in other situations, even if they are not linguistic.

4. Open a new door to the world

Learning a language such as mastering any extra activity increases your self-confidence because you will realize that you can communicate with more people and you will be able to enjoy making new friends in the world, even finding your better half. Either personally or virtually.

5. And… there is no age to live that experience

Although many people say that after a certain age the ability to learn decreases, because learning a language has no age. Motivation is enough. You can do it from birth or you can make the decision to learn it at any time. And in case you didn’t know, this will have repercussions in the future, as researchers have found that learning and speaking another language regularly can reduce the development of Alzheimer’s disease and delay the onset of dementia for several years.

6. Greater chances of recognition or promotions

By mastering another language, the possibility of being recognized for it is expanded. In your studies or in the labor field.

7. More confidence, more fun

Learning a language increases your self-confidence: you will make new friends, understand movies without the need for subtitles, and you can even help tourists when they ask you for an address. And learning a language has pleasant side effects: praise, admiration, and occasional applause. … It’s something like being able to enjoy the pool with your friends without fear because you know how to swim …

8. Improve your first language

When you learn another language, you do it from another perspective, and you take into account language rules and structures, which you did not do to learn your native language, therefore you begin to analyze and take into account certain bases that previously had no explanation. Geoffrey Willans said, “You can never understand a language until you understand at least two.”

“To have another language is to have a second soul. ”(Charlemagne)

So go ahead, no matter how old you are, learning another language can be fun and you see that it is beneficial, from every point of view.

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