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Learn Valencian

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Valencia has a population close to 4 million. The official languages of this region are two: Spanish and Valencian (a Catalan variety). In Spanish the official terminology of Catalan in Valencia is Valencian, while in Valencian it is said valenciá.

In a survey conducted in 2005 by the Sociological Service Research and Studies, he gave as a result that nearly 94% of the population understands Valencia, while 78% can speak it and read it and just over 50% say they know how to write.

The opinion of the Valencian Academy of the language

The Valencian Academy of the Language decided in December 2003 that the term “Valencian” should continue to be used, recommending not to use it with the sole intention of creating unnecessary polemics or incurring cultural, social, or political manipulations that contribute to dividing the Valencians and hinder the promotion of Valencian.

Difference between Catalan and Valencian

In this period in Catalonia, many wonder about the origins of the Catalan language and, of course, that of its own neighbor in the Valencian Community.

If you went on vacation to these 2 communities, you may have noticed some consonances and similarities.

Why learn Valencian?

The University of Valencia, as an institution for the dissemination of local culture, actively participates in the development of Valencian in all the socio-linguistic functions of a modern language . That is why it offers the possibility of using the offices and facilities of the Servei de Política Lingüística (Language Policy Service) where Catalan teaching activities are organized, among others.

According to the University of Valencia, knowledge of Valencian will allow you to penetrate and better integrate into Valencian society and access good jobs. For this, the Language Policy Service offers specific courses for all students from outside the Valencian Country.

These are the new certificates in Valencian from the JQCV since 2017

Valencian A1 level

 The training and evaluation of Level A1 of Valencian Knowledge is carried out by:

  • The public training centers for adults dependent on the Ministry of Education
  • Municipalities
  • Valencian public universities
  • The centers and entities provide A1 level training by taking a free course with a minimum duration of 60 hours.
  • The JQCV registers and issues the Level A1 Certificate to eligible persons and sends it by email.

Level A2 – Structure

Area Value Duration
Oral comprehension area 25% ± 15 minutes
written comprehension 25%  1 hour
Written expression area 20 %  35 minutes
Oral expression and interaction 30% ± 25 minutes

 Level B1 – Structure

Area Value Duration
Oral comprehension area 25% ± 20 minutes
Written comprehension area 25%  1 hour and 50 minutes
Written expression area 25%
Oral expression and interaction area 25% ± 25 minutes

Level B2 – Structure

Area Value Duration
Oral comprehension area 20 % ± 20 minutes
written comprehension 20% 2 hours
Linguistic structures area 15 %
written expression 20 % 10 minutes
Oral expression and interaction area 25% ± 25 minutes

Level C1 – Structure

Area Value Duration
Written comprehension area 10%  1 hour
Linguistic structures 20 %               and 30 minutes
Written expression area 35% 2 hours
Expression and oral interaction 35%  ± 25 minutes

Level C2 – Structure

Area value Duration
Written comprehension area 10% 1 hour
of linguistic structures 20% And 30 minutes
Oral expression and interaction area 25%  

± 25 minutes

written expression 45% 2 hours and 30 minutes
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