Differences of the German exams Goethe-test Pro and TestDaf -

Differences of the German exams Goethe-test Pro and TestDaf

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The characteristics and differences of the German exams Goethe-test Pro and TestDaf


  • Guide to preparing the German exam Goethe-test Pro
  • Guide to preparing the German TestDaf exam

In order to facilitate your access to the exam of the language you are studying, we have thought it appropriate for those who are waiting to take advanced German, to expose “the characteristics of the exams: Goethe-test Pro and TestDaf”.

If you have already made the decision to take either of these two German exams in the near future , it is good that regardless of having reached the necessary level, that you familiarize yourself with the specific exam. It is appropriate that you inform yourself of the parts that consist of said exams, the type of exercises you are going to face, the time you have to complete said exercises, etc. And especially, of the differences that exist between the two possibilities, so the choice will be more successful, more adjusted to your reality.

Guide to preparing the German exam Goethe-test Pro

Goethe-test Pro is an exam system devised to assess your linguistic level that discovers the type of training and courses suitable for you based on the results of the exam. It is a computerized German exam that will show you quickly and safely the listening and reading skills that you have in the workplace. The Goethe-Test PRO determines the individual language level in 60 to 90 minutes.

It makes it easier for companies to verify the mastery of the German language of candidates and their workers, as well as to assess the results of previous courses, in addition to establishing a more adjusted basis for future learning programs.

Exam structures

  • The participants start from the same level, according to the answer given, the program chooses the specific tasks taking into account said answer, adapting by this means to the language level of each one.
  • Once the exam is finished, you receive the result along with the certificate and a detailed description of your level regarding the language. An important aspect is that there is no suspense.
  • The Goethe-Test PRO exam can be carried out in the same way at an exam center anywhere in the world as directly at your company.
  • It uses methods of the well-known Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) and is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

To enroll, we recommend you review the online enrollment platform: examnexam   where you can see calls and prices and enroll online.

Guide to preparing the German TestDaf exam

The TestDaf exam is intended for those who are considering studying at a university in Germany , participating in some type of research or applying for a scholarship, due to their high level of German and need to obtain a language certificate at a higher level. If you are in these conditions, the Goethe Institute has the specific certification to be able to carry out these activities within Germany, we speak of the TestDaf certification.

The TestDaf is an advanced level German exam that has four parts . It covers levels B2 and C1 of the scale of competences of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Passing in all its parts you will obtain the TestDaf 4 level and with it the valid certificate to be admitted in practically all the specialties and careers of the German universities.

Structure of the German TestDaf exam

The TestDaF is a standardized test, developed and centrally assessed. The results are certified in the three levels TestDaF-Niveaustufen (TDN) 3, 4 and 5.

  • Reading comprehension of the German TestDaf:

You should read short everyday texts in the field of a university or high school.

    • You must read a journalistic essay (450-550 words approx.) About social policy and answer questions on this topic.
    • Practice about a text in scientific language (550-650 words approx.) From a specialized magazine or university and decide if some statements about it are true or not, or if the text does not give information about it.
    • The duration of this test is 60 minutes .
  • Listening comprehension of the German TestDaf.

The duration of the test is approximately 40 minutes.

  • Written expression of the German TestDaf :
    • You are given a topic and, based on the essential questions and statistical data, you will have to create a structured and coherent text .
    • You must state your point of view on this issue and argue it.
    • The duration of the test is 60 minutes.
  • Oral expression (computer-assisted) of the German TestDaf :
    • You must carry out seven tasks in which you imagine yourself immersed in different communicative situations in a German university.
    • Gather information, describe graphics, and summarize their content. You must express your opinion and justify it, take a position, give advice, evaluate alternatives and state hypotheses.


Goethe-test Pro


Goethe-test Pro


Written exam Written comprehension oral Understanding


A1 60 minutes 15 minutes
A2 105 minutes 15 minutes
B1 165 minutes 15 minutes


190 minutes Read 3 texts 40min.

Write 60 minutes

15 minutes 3 auditions

40 minutes



190 minutes 1 task to write

– duration: 60 minutes

15 minutes 7 exercises approx.

30 minutes

C2 190 minutes 15 minutes

If you want to enroll online or get guidance for your official language exam, you can take it or get advice at: https://examenexam.com/es/es/

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