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10 English words that are often mispronounced

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When studying English it is easy for the students at first to be, if not disgusted, but disappointed when they see that many words do not sound as they thought they should.

This is the consequence of the fact that the English language is formed with the contribution of many languages, throughout its history.

Pronunciation problems

The interference of different languages ​​creates a pronunciation problem to be solved by foreign students. This is the reason why in English there are words that are very difficult for the foreign student, but we should not be discouraged, their native speakers also have difficulties offering a correct pronunciation.

In this article we will try to solve this problem by pointing out the mistakes that are made to solve such difficulty:


The error is very common. When pronouncing “ask”, “s” and “k” lend themselves to a very generalized confusion, from which not even the natives are spared. It can be easily verified because it is a common fact in certain dialects of this language. So if you are studying general English, you should focus all your attention on saying “ask” and not “ax” , which is how it should be pronounced. In order not to cause interpretation problems for English speakers everywhere.


The error when saying the word “pronunciation” is easy to contract and in fact, it occurs a lot because students confuse it with the verb form “pronounce” for what they say “pronunciation” when referring to the noun when the corresponding one is “Pro-nun-si-ay-shun


Although it is not a word that is used too often, since it is practically reduced to a medical prescription (prescription), however, it is easy for the student to mislead when pronouncing it. The confusion consists of pronouncing “er” instead of “re” by what they say “per-scrip-on” instead of pronouncing it properly: pre-scrip-tiom ”.

If you go to the doctor, he or she can give you a prescription to take to the pharmacy so you can buy the medicine you need. As we said before, sometimes people confuse “re” with “er” and say “per-scrip-tion” instead of pronouncing it well: “pre-scrip-tion”.


As the “e” is not pronounced because it is silent and the “s” is almost difficult to say: “zzz” this word is monosyllable and it is easy to translate it as “cluche iz”, which is not correct.


Also, this word presents difficulties in its pronunciation that is quite complicated because it only has two syllables ” koh-leeg “. So you have to pay attention not to pronounce the “eu” at the end. In addition, and as with the previous word “clothes”, the “s” also causes the sound “zzz”.


Many English words are unsuitable for the composition of the words and their pronunciation in Spanish. We advise you therefore that you have to be careful not to add syllables instinctively through the words. Such is the case with Athlete. You should try not to include the letter in the middle “ath-a-leet” and pronounce it properly with its two syllables.


On other occasions, we have warned about the silent letters in English that incline many students to pronounce them in some way. In this case in “Wednesday”, the “d” is silent, therefore this English word must be pronounced “wenz-day”.


Here the order of sounds is easily confused. Nuclear is often pronounced “nu-cu-lar.” This is the reason why we bring it to this article, to remember to say the sounds in their correct order: “nuc-lee-ar”.

Escape and especially

We address a word that represents the genuine error of English, such as giving the sound “x” to words with “is”. Therefore, you must pay close attention not to incur this error make sure to say “escape” and “especially” and not “excape” or “expecially”.


When a word has two “r” sounds it creates confusion for many people who have difficulty pronouncing it. In this sense, make sure to pronounce both sounds, for example in the case of library that is pronounced “li-bra-ri, as in the case of Feb-roo-a-ree, not“ Feb-yoo-a -ree “.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we can say that once you have mastered the pronunciation of these words you can even surpass many native speakers, who have difficulties doing so. To overcome these obstacles, we advise you to work and perseverance. English pronunciation is a matter of confidence and tenacity.

Something very important at the beginning is to avoid precipitation, not to try to speak as quickly as the natives do. Everything comes through practice, it is preferable slowly, but good and correct, than running and bad. Your interlocutor will thank you and you will be happy, without a doubt.

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