Most curious international greetings

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Most curious international greetings


We are here with a post that we think is very interesting, because it let’s see how many of you have traveled abroad. We imagine that many, many, but; How many of you have been embarrassed when greeting someone for not knowing very well what to do? And it is that depending on the country to which we travel, they may have a curious way of greeting each other.

We have wanted to divide it by continents, although we have not included America because there is the typical thing: shake hands if they do not know each other much, a kiss if they know each other more … But even so, if you know some kind of curious greeting in that continent, we will be delighted to hear from you 🙂

Well, let’s start with Europe!


FRANCE The normal is two; but they can give you three, even among the French, there are four. Come on, it is quite difficult to get it right when greeting HOLLAND They usually give three kisses, but in addition, it is quite common to give what is called “a peak” between two friends (man and woman)
ITALY They give two kisses like here, but with a peculiarity, and that is that they begin by kissing from the left. Be very careful because otherwise we will give kisses on the mouth by mistake HUNGARY Only two kisses are given to women who are our friends, and it begins, as in Italy, from the left
POLAND Men tend to kiss women on the hand when they are introduced or known to them RUSSIA Here we find a bit of everything, and that is, either they just shake your hand, or if they are more confident, they give you a kiss on the corner of your lips; They can even give you three kisses. So the European gold medal is taken, to the country that is more difficult to hit when it comes to greeting

We all got on our plane, and we flew a bit south, to Africa.


MUSLIM The greeting they perform is to hold arms while saying Salamu alaykum: “Peace be with you.” Also, be very careful since there should be no physical contact between a man and a woman
SIERRA LEONE Specifically, the Mendé tribe, greet each other by rubbing each other’s chin
KENYA Here it is not the form of the greeting but what the greeting itself is, and it is that in this country the typical thing is to greet anyone who crosses your path, stop, greet them, ask them how they are, and we can continue on our way
EQUATORIAL GUINEA Let’s see if you don’t get lost with the steps, first they put their left hand on the other person’s right shoulder, then they bring their heads closer, putting their upper left part on the upper right part of the other. Then the opposite is done again, to make the complete greeting
MALAWI When two acquaintances, from the Ngá tribe, meet, the normal thing is to shake the other’s penis; two, if they are known. If there is trust, there will be three, but be careful! that if you go over and give four, they will be able to criticize you for homophobic attitudes. What happens among women? Well, between them, they squeeze the breasts, equaling the numbers to that of men. If a man and a woman meet, they will greet each other like this too

Have you hallucinated a bit with Africa, right? We did the same, but without further ado, we got on our plane and flew nonstop to Asia.


SAUDI ARABIA Here we find a special greeting but for a specific case. If while there, we meet a person of high distinction or the Saudi royal family, we should give him a kiss on the shoulder
INDIA This greeting is quite famous and known to many, and it is the famous “Namaste”, which is putting both palms of the hands at chest level while we make a brief bow. But, we can find two other types of greetings in this country. One is to raise the palm of the right hand, as a sign of good intentions not to carry weapons (¿?). The second greeting is to raise the right palm of the hand and make a circle in the air
CHINA They usually shake hands in meetings, although it is also quite common to find the typical Chinese greeting of making a brief bow with the head
JAPAN Greetings are not usually given with physical contact, although it is true that each time they are becoming westernized little by little, and they can give you two kisses. But what is the typical greeting? Well, the inclination of the head in a show of respect towards the other person, placing the arms on the legs. This inclination can be made more noticeable before important people (bosses, authorities …)
TIBET The way of greeting among a tribe of Tibetans is quite curious; and it is that they show the language in sample that they will never say a bad word against the person they are greeting

What did you think of the Asian area? Did you like their ways of greeting each other? Well, we only have two more visits left, there are many kilometers, but here we go.






And you will tell us, but what do these four areas have in common? Simple, to the Eskimos. Although they according to which area, they do not like to be called Eskimos, such as Canada. We all already know how Eskimos greet each other, who does not remember David the Gnome, giving his wife Lisa kisses, touching nose to nose?
NEW ZEALAND From our point of view, it is the most touching greeting of all, I don’t know why, but I just love it. The greeting is called “hongi”, and you have to put your nose close to the other person’s nose and breathe in the air. Do you remember the photo of Princess Lady Di doing the Hongi greeting to an indigenous woman?

lady di


And this is all for today, we hope you liked the post, and you found it interesting. Now, you have no excuse for not doing the greeting well when you travel to these countries. And by the way, if one of your goals this year is to obtain your official title in ANY LANGUAGE, we give you direct access to the number 1 online platform.

¡Compártelo con quien tu quieras!

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